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QGIS Anwendergruppe Schweiz - Groupe d'utilisateurs QGIS Suisse - Swiss QGIS User Group
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QGIS 2.2 manual - german translation

On the initiative of ibW Maienfeld the committee of the Swiss QGIS usergroup decided to support the work on the QGIS 2.2 manual financially. The work will be carried out by Larissa Junek from the Geodatenbüro Dassau. This company is involved with the QGIS documentation project for many years. In a first step (approx. 20h) the english version of the manual will be completed - combined with the efforts of other voluntary people working on the english version. As a next step the german translation will be carried out in approx. 60h. The project will be financially supported by ibW Wald (Maienfeld), Planteam SA (Lucerne) and the QGIS usergroup Switzerland. The Landesvermessungsamt Vorarlberg promised to support the next version of the manual (QGIS 2.4). We thank all who support this documentation project financially or through their work.

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