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Release of QGIS version 3.6 Noosa

Release of QGIS version 3.6 Noosa

QGIS 3.6 Noosa Splash-Screen

The new version QGIS 3.6 Noosa was just released. Noosa was the place of a small local developer meeting in Australia in autumn 2017. It is a regular 4-month release version, not a LTR version (long term release). This means that this version is not fully qualified for professional use. For professional use we recommend the new LTR version 3.4 "Madeira".

The multiple new features and improvements can be best viewed in the visual changelog of version 3.6.  Worth mentioning is the new and improved mesh-support, the rule based renderer for 3D-views and the configuration of lightings and shadow configuration in 3D-scenes. For 2D, the new image renderer is interesting, that can display photo thumbnails in the map canvase, based on coordinates in their metadata. Several improvements concern the processing module, print layouts and expressions.

In QGIS Server there is an improved configuration for WMTS services and it is now possible to use atlas printing in the GetPrint command, in order to print data sheets to PDF documents. The GetFeatureInfo command now also supports the (Geo)-JSON format.

 Next to the many new features, an emphasis was also put on bug fixing. Wherever possible, bug fixes had also been back-ported to the LT version 3.4.x. See also the relevant section on bug fixing in the changelog. The bug-fixing effort was made possible through donations and sponsorships of our users.

Worth mentioning is the bug fixing effort regarding the vertex editing tool, especially supported and tested by the German QGIS user group. Special thanks go towards Bernhard Ströbl from the City of Jena, who invested a lot of time testing the new vertex tool and suggesting improvements and fixes, and also testing them.

We'd like to thank all contributors (developers, testers, translators, donors and sponsors) who made this version possible!