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QGIS Anwendergruppe Schweiz - Groupe d'utilisateurs QGIS Suisse - Swiss QGIS User Group
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The project is still under development and not yet in a production state. A release date cannot be announced yet, since it depends on the available resources.

To contribute to the development, please consider joining the QGEP group (see QGEP membership form).

Open Milestones

  • Database transaction mechanism for the simultaneous edition of multiple tables at once within a single transaction (in progress, almost finished)
  • Project File generator (in progress, just started)
  • QGEP project file (in progress)
  • Interlis Import (in progress)
  • Interlis Export (in progress)
  • QGEP plugin for editing (in progress, advanced)
  • QGEP documentation (in progress, based on Transifex, master documentation in english)
  • Import/Export to hydraulic modeling software (SWMM, Mouse) (not yet started)
  • Mass edition of attributes of multiple attribute columns directly from a form (currently only possible with the field calculator for single attributes) (is being solved in QGIS main project)
See also issue list on Github for details.

Finished Milestones

  • Data Model for PostgreSQL, Script with value lists (multilingual)
  • Database functions and triggers (e.g. oid generation, creation of objects, keeping network topology up-to-date, update triggers)
  • forms definitions
  • 1:n and 1:m relations and nested forms in QGIS core
  • symbology and label definitions
  • Network Following plugin
  • Profile view along a network route
  • DXF export improvements in QGIS core