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QGIS Anwendergruppe Schweiz - Groupe d'utilisateurs QGIS Suisse - Swiss QGIS User Group
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About the Project

The QGEP project is an application module being developed for the management of waste-water and the general waste-water sewage plan.

Due to a lack of satisfying professional tools, some Swiss cities and engineering companies founded QGEP to provide an operating solution based on open source software. The group gathers experts in waste-water engineering, database modeling, software development and GIS operators. The project's sources can be reached at

Main QGEP features

  • multilingual: english, french and german are available as of today
  • implements Swiss standards: VSA-DSS model. Import and export Interlis SIA 405.
  • edition of the waste-water network
  • CAD-like construction tools
  • network following tools (downstream, upstream and between nodes)
  • profile view of channels/reaches
  • advanced symbology and printing of maps and profiles
  • interfaces to hydraulic modeling software
  • maintenance documentation and planning (e.g. TV inspection, jetting and repairs)
The data model is based on the Swiss standard VSA-DSS and is implemented in a PostGIS database. The user interface is built on top of QGIS as a plugin. Today, it is still under development and further improvements are required both in the QGEP plugin and in the QGIS software.

To contribute to the development, please consider joining the QGEP group (see QGEP membership form).


QGEP is organized as a sub entity of the Swiss QGIS user group and supervised by a project steering committee. For further information please contact

The current steering committee is compound of:

  • Stefan Burckhardt, Zurich (Project lead, administration, waste-water specialist)
  • Denis Rouzaud, SIGE Vevey (technical aspects, GIS specialist)
  • Konradin Fischer, Fischer Ingenieure Arbon (waste-water specialist)
  • Andreas Neumann, Kanton of Zug (treasurer, GIS specialist)

In addition, there are two other people active in the project group: Matthias Kuhn (OpenGIS; developer) and Urs Kaufmann (Holinger AG, Thun; developer of the former GepView project and waste-water specialist). From Romania, there are additional contributors: Tudor Barascu and Bogdan Vaduva.