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QGIS Anwendergruppe Schweiz - Groupe d'utilisateurs QGIS Suisse - Swiss QGIS User Group
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TEKSI wastewater & GEP

TEKSI Wastewater & GEP (project name QGEP) is a specialist shell for the comprehensive processing of the medium "wastewater" in particular also for the development of the GEP (General Drainage Plan).

The TESKI module Wastewater & GEP (project name QGEP) is a project for the development of a specialized module for the management of wastewater and general drainage plans (GEP).

Started in 2012 due to a lack of satisfactory professional tools, Swiss municipalities and engineering companies have joined forces to offer a solution based on free and open source software. The group brings together experts in the field of wastewater network engineering, designers of data models from the field, developers as well as end users of GIS solutions.

Originally a subgroup of the QGIS Switzerland association, this project has been under the auspices of the TEKSI non-profit association since 2022, whose goal is to provide public infrastructure operators with professional open-source tools to manage their activities. For more information, visit

The project's sources can be reached at


The TEKSI Sewerage module (project name: QGEP) is a set of QGIS tools and a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database implementation that allows you to :

  • manage and map the data of your sewer network with all its components, such as collectors, manholes, stormwater overflows, stormwater detention basins, outfalls, etc.
  • specify the properties of the network objects in the form of attributes such as diameter, material, installation depth, defects, installation date, etc.
  • create plans and extract statistics from the database, such as the value of the network, the total length of the lines, the identification of future interventions, etc.
  • Export geodata in accordance with Swiss standards

Main features

  • multilingual: english, french and german are available as of today
  • implements Swiss standards: VSA-DSS model. Import and export Interlis SIA 405.
  • edition of the waste-water network
  • CAD-like construction tools
  • network following tools (downstream, upstream and between nodes)
  • profile view of channels/reaches
  • advanced symbology and printing of maps and profiles
  • interfaces to hydraulic modeling software
  • maintenance documentation and planning (e.g. TV inspection, jetting and repairs)
The data model is based on the Swiss VSA-DSS standard and is implemented in a PostGIS database. The graphical interface is integrated in QGIS and benefits from all the native features of QGIS for editing. A plugin is available to access some network monitoring features. The improvements are always integrated in priority in the heart of QGIS

To participate in the development of this project, we thank you to consider joining the TEKSI association (registration form)


TEKSI is a sister association of the Swiss QGIS user group and is supervised by a steering committee. For more information, see

In case of questions, please contact or use the contact form