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QGIS Anwendergruppe Schweiz - Groupe d'utilisateurs QGIS Suisse - Swiss QGIS User Group
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QGIS usergroup Switzerland

QGIS is a GIS platform consisting of the components Desktop-GIS, Server-GIS, Web-GIS Client and Mobile-GIS. QGIS Desktop is a user-friendly GIS application for the creation and edition of maps and layouts, the edition and analysis of geodata. Up to now it is limited to 2d and 2.5d geodata and representations. First experimental 3d-components are under development, but still experimental. QGIS is extensible with the help of the scripting language Python or the programming language C++ and is based on the qt-library from the Qt Group.

The QGIS usergroup Switzerland is an association of the Swiss QGIS users. It is an association in the sense of the Swiss civil code ("Zivilgesetzbuch"), articles 60-79. Currently there are approx. 120 members from local government, companies, universities and individuals.